Knowledge Technical Definitions

7.1 Units

  • N = Newton. A Newton is the force required to accelerate a resting body mass of 1 uniformly within one second on the speed of 1 m / s.
  • µm = Mikrometer. Unit used for measurement of small thicknesses of tapes and backings. 1 µm = 1/1.000 mm = 0,001 mm

7.2 abbreviations of some plastics (acc. DIN 7728)

  • PE: polyethylene
  • PET: polyester (Polyethylentherephthalate)
  • PP: polypropylene
  • PUR: polyurethane
  • PVC: polyvinylchloride
  • H-PVC: hard-PVC
  • W-PVC: soft-PVC

7.3 Symbols

[-] functional determinant
N power
kJ/kg specific gibbs
kg mass
mol amount of substance
Pa pressure
kJ/kg K entropy
°C temperature
sec time
mJ/m² specifc adhesion
° angel
mN/m spreading pressure
mN/m surface energy (solid), surface tension (liquid), interfacial energy (solid/liquid)
MPa bond strength
J/mol chemical potential
[-] interaction parameter