Knowledge Characteristics

Belastungsarten Klebeverbindungen
 Belastungen fuer Klebebaender b en
 Belastungen fuer Klebebaender eng
  • Tensile stength Shows, in which a tape tearing force stress, therefore, the tensile force at the moment of rupture. It is based on the tape´s width and hence require reporting in Newtons per centimeter width (N / cm). Reaches its maximum tensile strength of the material, described as the ultimate tensile.
  • Elongation at break Indicates the percentage by which an adhesive tape can be stretched before it breaks. Is always calculated in relation to the tensile strength.
  • Onward tear resistance The property of an adhesive tape, after damage (for example, by tearing or cutting edge) not to tear any further.
  • Impact resistance The property of an adhesive tape, to withstand sudden tensile and shock loads.
  • Abrasion Resistance The property of an adhesive tape to stay fully functional despite abrasion loads.
  • Water vapor permeability The property of an adhesive tape that water vapor cannot pass.
  • Printability The ability to absorb the ink and to remain legible after the winding and unwinding.
  • Dielectric strength (breakdown voltage) Specifies the voltage (in volts), which a tape resists without striking through of current.
  • Adhesion The degree of adhesion of a tape on a surface. Unit: force per width (N / cm).
  • Initial Tack) The bonding power of an adhesive tape in the first moment of contact with the minimum of pressure.
  • Unwinding force The force which is necessary to unwind the tape from the core.
  • Adhesion on the reverse side The force which is necessary to withdraw a strip of tape from the back of the same material
  • Shear Strength The ability of a tape not to slip or shear. (For the test, the adhesive tape is bonded to a counterpart material and loaded in parallel into its bond.)
  • Cohesion The internal cohesion of a substance, in this case the bond strength of the adhesive.

3.3 Total Properties

  • Thickness The distance from surface to surface in microns.
  • Opacity The ability of an adhesive tape, to absorb or reflect light.
  • Transparency The property of an adhesive tape, allowing light to pass.
  • Colour Fastness The colour stability of an adhesive tape.
  • Temperature Resistance The property of an adhesive tape to resist certain temperatures after bonding, or can it be removed, for example, clean, even after exposure to heat without losing its adhesive properties
  • Resistance to weathering, solvents, acids, alkalis, oils, fats The property of an adhesive tape in the bonded state to remain fully functional under these conditions.
  • Resistance to ageing The period during which the adhesive tape remains fully operational in the bonded state.
  • Shelf Life The period during which tapes rolls, stored under defined conditions, fully keep their specific properties.