Knowledge Adhesion and bond strength

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Best adhesion values are achieved in consideration to:

- surface - temperatures - processing

When the following conditions are met:

4.1 Substrates

  • no mounting on substrates on which cotain o rare made of silicones, paraffins or waxes.
  • Verify absence of dust.
  • use substrate without plasticizer, if possible.
  • Ensure dry surfaces.
  • on rough, uneven surfaces use thicker, leveling tapes.

4.2 Temperatures

  • Application temperature is optimally between 20 and 30 °C in a dry place. Avoid applying at 10 °C or less.
  • Storage of the tape at room temperature.

4.3 Processing

  • Provide sufficient and steady pressure.
  • Processing tools (also the hands) must be free of release agents.
  • Under extreme loads of splices it should be considered that especially with acrylic adhesives the maximum bond is reached only after about at least 24 hours
  • Avoid exposure to constant tension in the bond